Critical Election Coming Up - Tuesday March 5th

Are you satisfied with crime accountability in SF?

There is a critically important election coming up in San Francisco on Tuesday March 5th. The Superior Court judges are a category that is often overlooked but they hold significant impact. Superior Court Judges are the primary decision-makers of the criminal court system.

There is an amazing super-group helping SF right now. They hired a law firm and have spent millions on their own to audit the results of the new DA and found the problem. We have some judges who won't convict repeat criminals that can be removed in the upcoming election.

Please vote for the following candidates to restore public safety, accountability, and trust to our criminal court system:


Seat 1 - Chip Zecher

Seat 13 - Jean Myungjin Roland


"At the end of 2023, there were 535 individuals who were arrested, charged with felony drug dealing, brought before a judge, released by the judge - and then never showed up for court again."


"Since District Attorney Brooke Jenkins took office, the District Attorney’s Office has filed 422 motions to detain the most serious drug dealing suspects because of the extreme public safety risk they pose. Of the 422 detention motions filed, judges have only granted 39."


We don't usually get political but this is our chance to make significant change and help our city.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Always happy to discuss how we can improve this beloved city of ours.

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