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Known for our innovative approach to real estate marketing, we consistently spark excitement for our properties and create a tangible buzz among potential buyers and the agent community. Our end goal is to make sure your property stands out among otherwise run-of-the-mill marketing, rising head and shoulders above the competition and reaching the target audience with impact, every time.


That all starts with crafting an in-depth buyer profile. We dive deep into who our likely buyers are and what makes them tick. What do they like? What will resonate with them on a personal level? How do we motivate them to come through the door? Once we have those answers, we tailor a comprehensive marketing package to target those prospective buyers — online, offline, where they work, live and play.


Creative events, showing and open houses drive further interest and response, and all feedback received is funneled into honing and improving the marketing message throughout the life of your listing.


We know that relationships are everything in this business. Our longstanding network of agents, clients, and vendors allows us to get the job done at the highest level possible. Erin Thompson has spent a career building strategic, reciprocal and respected connections that deliver exceptional experiences and unrivaled success for our clients.


From unparalleled marketing intelligence to Erin's vast network, our team gives every client an undeniable advantage in the competitive San Francisco marketplace.

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