Dual Income, No Kids? Single income, No Kids? The volume of singles and couples without children is huge.....and for anyone reading this who is a parent, you know EXACTLY how much money it costs to raise kids! Imagine just how much more cash these two classifications of our US demographic have at their disposal. comparison!


Most are delaying starting a family. Some don't ever want a partner or kids. Most are focused on building a career first, travel, savings, etc. In 1900, the median age of marriage for women was 21.9 years and the average age for childbirth was 22 years. By comparison, today the average age of childbirth is around 26 years. 34.6% of men, and 18.2% of women had a first child between the ages of 30 and 49. Medical advances allow many to have kids later in life. For the most part DINKs and SINKs are delaying the inevitable knowing that we live longer these days and probably will have to work more years. We certainly will be more active later in life as technology accelerates medical advances. Not all DINKs and SINKs are created equal:


  1. Some have no desire to settle down anywhere or own a home. Many, however, do.
  2. Many singles wish to own a home before marrying....some do so just in case a divorce is in their future.
  3. Many are buying a home prior to having kids or a partner to lock into future needs, knowing that the compounding benefits of home ownership are big.  
  4. Many will own a home for the tax breaks.
  5. Many will never own a home as they have a fear of commitment, not just to a partner or kids!

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