Father's Day!

Father’s Day is that one special day every year to celebrate the fathers in your life. It can look different for everyone, whether you’re celebrating your father, spouse, step-father, brother, or a role model. Finding things to do for Father’s Day can be difficult. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something, try some of the ideas below. Or, use them to get started as you look for ways to honor and celebrate the men in your life!
1. Learn about his family tree. Tracing your father’s family tree can help you learn more about his family’s past and cultural heritage. It can be a meaningful way to feel more connected to your family, past and present.
2. Host a friendly family competition. Come up with a series of games to compete as a whole family. You could play minute-to-win-it games or look for easy festival games. Bonus if there are prizes involved!
3. Take a minivacation. You could take a weekend road trip somewhere new or even just explore new sites in your own city. Have you ever considered heritage tourism? Whatever you do, it’ll be a great way to experience new things together. 
4. Bake a Father’s Day treat or dinner. Making something delicious that you can enjoy as a family is a wonderful way to show your love for someone. For an extra special treat, try new recipes from around the world, particularly if you can find recipes that reflect your cultural heritage.
5. Enjoy the great outdoors. What does your dad enjoy doing outdoors? Hiking? Fishing? Camping? Boating? Whatever it is, get the whole family to join in for a memorable day together.
6. Learn about your family name. Your last name can say a lot about your family’s story. Try learning about your name and the meaning behind it to see what you can find.
In the end, you’re the one who knows your dad best. You’ll know what he will appreciate more than anyone. Whether or not this list of things to do for Father’s Day provided you with a plan to celebrate, we hope it gave you the needed inspiration to get you started! 
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