6 Steps To Select The Perfect Agent

6 Steps to Select the Perfect Agent

  1. Evaluate skill

At this point in the selection process, you have all the information you need to review to make a final decision. From what you now know, consider the major factors when picking the winner:

Who best knows the local market?

Who has the most experience with buyers like you?

Who has the best reviews?

Who saves buyers the most money?


  1. Think about conflicts of interest

An important quality to have in a real estate agent is that they are client-service driven, meaning they work to produce the best results for their client in every way. There are a couple of situations that demonstrate a major conflict of interest, which buyers should avoid. 


  1. Observe how well agents listen

As you continue to narrow down your search, an agent that listens is essential. Both in the interview stage and after you select your agent, you’ll be discussing all your criteria and what you’re looking for in your new home. This information is the basis for landing that home of your dreams, so it’s crucial that your agent pays close attention.


  1. Gauge connections

A mark of an experienced agent is how well-connected they are to their industry and the resources they have in their network.


  1. Choose your agent!

Now for the fun (and most important) part! Compile all the work you’ve done, weigh all your intel, and make a final decision. But don’t sweat it too much. If you’ve followed all these steps, chances are you’re going to make a great, well-informed selection.


  1. Sign a buyer-broker agreement

Homebuyers, especially first-timers, may not be privy to the buyer-broker agreement, but it’s a valuable tool and an extra protective measure for the buyer and the agent.

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