Winterize Your Home

Although we live in California there are still necessary steps to take to winterize our homes. Check out some ways to ensure your home is protected from the elements.


1. Check & Maintain Your Furnace

Furnaces should be inspected annually to keep them safe and operating effectively. 


2. Clean The Gutters & Drains Before California Winter 

This is something you should do at least once a year. If you have trees the fallen leaves from autumn are likely to fill your gutters and cleaning them out ensures fewer issues when the rain comes along. 


3. Trim The Tree Branches Away From Roofs

Trimming tree branches away from your roof keeps animals from getting onto your roof and burrowing to keep themselves warm. It also keeps your roof safe from branches falling during a storm. 


4. Reverse Ceiling Fan Blades

This easy step is surprisingly energy-efficient, pushing your heat down and keeping your home warmer. Depending on how many ceiling fans you have, this quick step could save you as much as 15% of your energy costs. 


5. Unclog your air ducts

Unclogging air ducts is another step that aids in energy efficiency. Your furnace will thank you for making its job easier and could ultimately save you as much as 40% on your heating bill. 



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